Concerto – A Board For Agile Teams

Concerto collects some ideas for a better and more effective board to be used in Agile projects.

For an unfortunate coincidence, I chose the same name of the famous Parasoft’s development management software, which I didn’t know before.
Concerto board has nothing to do with Parasoft.

Concerto – A Board For Agile Teams from Arialdo Martini on Vimeo.


8 thoughts on “Concerto – A Board For Agile Teams

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.

      There is no link because there’s no product at all, at least at present: the board is the result of the thoughts I and my colleagues had made about our Kanban board and our agile experience.

      You should see Concerto as collection of ideas I wish to share with the community. I am interested in knowing what other developers think about it, and eventually develop it as a more wide approach.

      Thanks again for your comment and opinion. It’s very important to me.

      PS. Concerto Board has nothing to do with Parasoft Concerto. It’s a pure coincidence it’s using the same name.

      1. Hi Arialdo,

        I have to admit that Concerto is a very interesting idea. You made some stuff visible that is not usually visible in a typical Kanban board.

        On the other hand, the process itself became invisible and you don’t see what process steps are missing in order to finish a task anymore. Or would it be possible to subdivide the “Forge” column in order to make those steps visible again?

        Furthermore, it may be very hard to introduce the “Faces” idea in teams where multitasking is widely used. One probably will need to weaken this rule at the beginning.



      2. Hi Rodolfo.

        Yes, you are absolutely right: the forge column is hiding most of the process workflow.
        I aimed to propose a kind of framework, not an implementation. I believe that the forge column could be seen as the area containing technical tasks performed by programmers, eventually organized in more columns/rows/sub areas; the team should be free to organize that area according to the real workflow.
        What’s important, I think, is that all the columns in the forge area should be subjected to a common WIP limit.

        Please, also consider that video was a complete experimental proposal. I probably don’t agree anymore with some of the proposal I made at that time. I hope to find the time to evolve it and write something about it.


      3. Rodolfo, yet another note

        I’ll be talking about this board at the next Italian Agile Day in Milan, since I’d like to gather some (negative + positive) feedback from the community.
        I hope I’ll be able to write again about it, eventually fixing its biggest defects and drawbacks.

        Please, should you have suggestions and criticisms, don’t hesitate to comment again: I know that board is a weird think; you should consider it a sort of spike coming out from a brainstorming session: it’s weird, and eventually wrong, but I hope it can stimulate new ideas.


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