Concerto – A Board For Agile Teams

Concerto collects some ideas for a better and more effective board to be used in Agile projects.

For an unfortunate coincidence, I chose the same name of the famous Parasoft’s development management software, which I didn’t know before.
Concerto board has nothing to do with Parasoft.

Concerto – A Board For Agile Teams from Arialdo Martini on Vimeo.

Help me, because I think Martin Fowler has a Merge Paranoia

There must be something very wrong with me: for the first time in my life I think that Martin Fowler is wrong on a specific topic. And, since Martin is Martin and I’m just a humble developer (Arialdo who?) I’m likely to be the one who’s completely off the track.Nevertheless, unfortunately, no matter how much I dig into the topic, I’m not able to convince myself that Martin Fowler’s arguments about Feature Branching, Continuous Integration and Feature Toggling are right.

Please, help me to understand what I’m missing.
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