Pomodoro Technique® Considered Harmful (don’t worry: you are not using it)

So, you have your shining, ticketing, tomato-shaped timer on your desk and you are a proud practitioner of the Pomodoro Technique®.

I’ve got bad news and good news.
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8 Practical Rules For Producing Decent Estimates

This the second part of How I Was Able To Be Successful Even When Forced To Use Waterfall

Rule #1: take your time

Luckily, your estimation meeting will be much more fortunate than mine (see Part I).
In my previous Scrummerfall experience, since I was forced to produce a big-planning-up-front phase, I was used to always plan 2 or 3 days for it. I was asking for an estimation when my ignorance of the problem was at the maximum level, hence I needed a lot of analysis.

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8 rules for being successful even when forced to use Waterfall (with a pretty good estimation)

Waterfall can work

No it cannot.
I mean: actually, it does, but adopting new and modern methodologies, you can dramatically improve your team productivity.
Yet, I believe most teams are using a mix of Agile and Waterfall. The reason is Waterfall is the sole methodology able to give the only information your manager needs to know: how much the project will cost and what’s the delivery date. About this, read the excellent post by Christopher Goldsbury Why Agile Adoption Fails in Some Organizations
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Why you should learn some Waterfall as well


I once worked as a team leader in a startup. I was in love with XP, studying Scrum and looking forward to be able to put into practice what I was reading.

Unfortunately, my boss explicitly told me to use Waterfall. I never blamed him: before him, the company had no process at all, and was governed by anarchy; no documentation, no requirements, no clear roles. Actually, introducing a Waterfall process, he made a great revolution, and let the company succeed.
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Perché il tuo superiore è un incompetente?

Perché vengono promossi sempre i meno meritevoli? Perché anche nelle aziende che dichiarano di essere meritocratiche si promuovono per anzianità gli incompetenti e si deludono sistematicamente gli entusiasmi dei più promettenti e giovani talenti? Perché al livello gerarchico immediatamente superiore al tuo sembra essersi stabilita una casta impenetrabile di incompetenti?
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