Agile and “Knowledge, Authority and Loving Yearning”

I’m Italian. Big shame on me.
One of the rare reasons why I’m proud to be Italian is a sentence by an anonymous author, back in the 1300’s.

More than 700 years ago. Yet I think it has something to teach us about Agile.
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git and the Art of Visualizing Information

I’m in love with git, and I’ve been devoting a lot of time and efforts in promoting it in the companies where I used to work.

I always found hard to effectively communicate to TFS, svn and cvs users the paradigm shift that git requires. Depicting information and ideas turned out to be the most successful approach.

Yet, visualizing information is an art.
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About Epic Framework, DDD and Declarative domain models

Giacomo Tesio wrote an interesting post after a question arose during the DDD Day in Bologna on October, 8th.

He proposes an appealing point of view about what programming is and what’s the Domain Expert’s role in respect to “the problem” and “the matter“.

I still have to think it through. I’ll write about this topic in the next days.

Thanks, Giacomo for giving me food for thought.

Perché il tuo superiore è un incompetente?

Perché vengono promossi sempre i meno meritevoli? Perché anche nelle aziende che dichiarano di essere meritocratiche si promuovono per anzianità gli incompetenti e si deludono sistematicamente gli entusiasmi dei più promettenti e giovani talenti? Perché al livello gerarchico immediatamente superiore al tuo sembra essersi stabilita una casta impenetrabile di incompetenti?
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Property o Get Method?

Se il codice dietro un getter dovesse diventare particolarmente elaborato sarebbe più corretto spostarlo dentro un ordinario metodo? È corretto che un accessor method (cioè un metodo che, almeno idealmente, dovrebbe servire per esporre un field dello stato interno della classe al mondo esterno) faccia elaborazioni non banali, come visitare un grafo di oggetti?

Cercando una risposta a questa domanda (probabilmente futile ed accademica) possono essere fatte alcune considerazioni forse poco prevedibili.
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How to kill Symfony’s Forms and live well

I hate the sfFormDoctrine. I don’t make a mystery of it.

If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you also have been searching for information on how to make them work, mostly in contests a bit more articulated, like in the case of embedding.
The good news is that you’ve found the definitive solution.
The bad news is that you have been gasping for months in a glass of water and wasted precious time reading usless chapters of Symfony‘s manual about Forms.

Very simply: the problems that you always had with the sfFormDoctrine don’t depend on you.
It is the very concept of Form to to be wrong.
Now I will show you to get rid of them and live happy.

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